Portfolio Management
Portfolio management is a blend of art and science. Past performance is useful. But just picking the companies or mutual funds that performed best in the past is not a good way to build a portfolio for the future. That’s why our portfolios reflect a well thought out and disciplined approach to creating wealth using modest market risk.

A Disciplined Approach
Our success comes from a consistent investment discipline. The consistent application of a specific decision-making process helps reduce the chances of getting whipsawed or making mental errors.

Investment management:
The cornerstones of our investment management platform are two dynamic Rising Dividend Portfolios. Both portfolios consists of 20-25 high quality, dividend yielding stocks that serves conservative investors who seek above average current income with relatively modest market risk. Both portfolios invest within traditionally defensive sectors such as Consumer Goods, REITS, Energy, MLPs, Healthcare, Telecom and Utilities. When creating our dividend portfolios, we focus on companies which, in our opinion, have low business and financial risk, attractive dividend yields, and a measure of capital appreciation potential. In addition, we emphasize consistency of dividends and potential for dividend growth.

We make changes to the Portfolio based primarily on fundamental changes in the underlying business, such as declining cash flows, dividend payout ratios, or other changes that could negatively impact the company’s ability to pay its dividend. We also take into consideration market activity and valuations.

Coordination of Financial Specialists
As part of its comprehensive services, Montello Wealth can help coordinate related activities through qualified professionals. These professionals may either be selected by the client or recommended by Montello Wealth.